Have a look at your own pharyngeal wall with a flashlighted smartphone running as a recording video camera.


Look for the displaced frontal atlas tubercle hiding behind your uvula and align your atlas vertebra on your own!


Care the direction of the tubercle's displacement and begin doing the bambitrick with the same direction.


Finish the bambitrick with the opposite direction. (Otherwise the bambitrick will not match!)


Have a second look at your atlas tubercle and recognize it will be placed aligned in its correct position!



This ist the frontal atlas tubercle placed behind the skin of your pharyngeal wall.








Push your head to the front while starring straight foreward like being curious.



Pull your head to the back while starring straight foreward like being skeptical.



Turn your head in one direction like the Bambi does for looking to a butterfly sitting on its tail.



Do the same in the other direction.



Repeat that two moves for several times.



Stop moving in the midway and stay starring straight foreward like being skeptical for a while.



Keep a well body posture for the rest oft he day.



Don't hesitate to talk to a doctor about the alignators and their advice.


See the demo video about PHLOYD – the way of handling a smartphone to view into an open mouth for looking easily at the pharyngeal wall.




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Important note:

When performing the movement exercises shown here, NEVER exceed pain limits or overcome physical blockages! Move like a sloth!! Always keep in touch with the doctor or medical specialist!



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