The PHLOYDimaging project was started in 2017 by Frank Westkott from Wuppertal (Germany).

As a self-afflicted person (atlas vertebrae deposited due to an accident and since then suffering from migraines), he developed a system with which it is possible to uncover a widespread, health-impairing problem at any time and with no effort and just as easily to do something about it. He is neither a doctor nor a medician of any other kind. As a technician for imaging equipment, he had the idea during singing exercises in Costa Rica to view the anterior tubercle of the atlas vertebra in its current position with a smartphone camera from the front through the open mouth and to take corrective measures with an independently performed head movement exercise. Because this movement exercise is reminiscent of the well-known pose of Walt Disney's Bambi, who turns his head back to make eye contact with a butterfly perched on the tip of his tail, said head movement exercise is commonly called the "Bambitrick".

Since Frank Westkott does not have medical training himself, he regularly consults with doctors and specialists about this procedure and keeps the project up to date. It is in the mission of the project to inform as many people as possible in uncomplicated ways to help efficiently and/or to find another, often effective way to alleviate health problems or even to solve them. It is generally important to note that the assistance listed here should always be discussed with the doctor!


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